I have been trying do as much research as I can, and am going to two more guitar stores shortly, but give me your thoughts please on these guitars (I think Im within forum rules)

I am going to check out these two epiphone goth's at the bottom of the page, only difference I can see is the wood of the neck and the shape


Also I am looking at 2 Ibanez's, the RG321 for $279

And guitar center sells an Ibanez RG2EX1 for $299 (supposedly msrp of $599) I cant find anything on line about this but assume it is better than the RG321.

I want to play ACDC,Metallica type stuff and have never played before.
Looks like Im getting a hell of a deal and am going to go with a hellraiser and get a free ($140) amp plus some other stuff, more than I wanted to spend but I was made an offer I couldnt refuse. (mom and pop stores rule)
^Indeed they do.
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^wholly **** that's a good deal!! Hellraisers are awesome!! Way to negotiate
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