Hey guys, this is a new song I just finished writing and would appreciate some feedback on it, thanks.

Oh and by the way, the solo part at the end, thats meant to have some singing over it and same with the sustained part after the solo.
New Song 16 COMPLETE.zip
good. the progression really did get old. you did have a lot of variety with the different instruments and what not, but it still shouldn't go on that long. i liked the drum beat with the eigth notes and then two sixteenth notes. you should come up with a melody for this so that it's not just chords played different ways. more progressions would help too. it was great at 2:32 when there was an actual melody and a new chord progression. the chord progression is so familiar though. yeah, it managed to have a lot of variety, yet be way too repetative. good job. check out my stuff if you want. you might like it. oh, and here's part of a song i was working on a while ago. i didn't like it that much and never took it past this, but it reminded me of your song.
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Thanks for the crit, yea I do tend to not have a lot of variety, I never really know what to do with the verses, but I tried to make it not so repetitive by adding in some piano. The intro to that song is pretty good, I like it. Yea the part at 2:32 is supposed to be a solo type thing, that's my favorite part of the song. Thanks for the crit again, anymore feedback would be appreciated from people.