Now you'd expect me to have a soundfile here but I don't, I'm not sure if I've got anything to take one with but I'm going to try and explain!!

After messing about with my amp, tone control & pickup positions on the guitar I can not get my RG270R to sound clean, the treble strings always sound a little strnage to me, they are never clear and piercing.

Basically the guiatr always sounds muddy (I think) in varying degrees, the closest to a clean sound I can get is using the clean channel on my amp with bright selected, and using the single coil pickups. But even then the treble strings don't sound quite right. I just thought that you'd be able to get a clean sound which is basically how the guitar sounds acoustically, but obviously amplified. But even my cleanest sound still sounds like it has reverb and loads of gain.

I know the RG is a metal guitar but I haven't learnt much out & out metal yet, it's mainly open chrods or picking that I've been playing so far - and many have said that the RG is capable of many tones.

Is this normal for an RG, or is it my pickups, or is it my amp (carlsbro colt 45L)?

As well as that it seems that certain strings play louder than others, even when picking at same weight - pickup position effect this?

I have zero experience with electric guitars so could be totally wrong here and it sounds fine, but all I can go by is my classical guitar and playing the RG unplugged which sound normal. Also when I listen to various music styles I can never pick out tones that my setup even comes close to.

Anyone suggest some bands that use low end RG's and a carlsbro amp!!
What have you EQ'ed it to? (That being, what are the Low/Bass, Mids, Treble/Highs set to on your amp? As well as your gain/distortion?
Pickup height is probably the problem. Adjust that, and see if your problems go away. Look up a UG lesson on pickups, if you don't know how.
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Well just now when I was messing about I had it on clean channel with gain at 3, mid &
bass at around 6, and treble at around 7, reverb at 0. Also tried on the second channel (rhythm channel? has a smooth setting and EQ button) with gain set at 3, but have to have o/drive turned up to get sound so had this at 1.

The tone control on my RG was fully clockwise.

My amp also has two inputs, high & low gain, I think the low gain gives the best cleans.

Wasn;t using any effects (that another story, most of the sounds on my PT5 are not to my liking!!).
I have looked at pickup height adive before, but never came back with ideal settings, but may as well have a play, thing is last time it was touched before I bought it it was supposed to have been setup, but not sure if it would;ve had the pups heights done.
Since I've had it I fitted new strings (ernie ball hybrid slinky) and re-set trem angle to neutral, set action & neck relief.
Well from what I've read I don't think they are set to high, as many run them much higher to get maximum gain/distortion. A quick measure up and the neck humbucker is about 4mm from bottom of strings and the bridge about 3mm. Single coil has staggered poles so didn't bother measuring.

One thing I have noticed is that the strings are right on the edge of the poles on all pups rather than through the middle as I'd have expected. The strings are central to the neck, so must be pup position. Is this normal or would this be effecting the sound due to magnetic field shape, etc?

My pos amp is playing up this morning as well, some of the input, effects loop sockets are oxidised, I thought I'd sorted them but guess I'll have to fit some new ones as it's pretty intermeittent today!!
The strings not running parallel to the pickup is not a major problem. It is how the body is contoured or something, I'm not so sure, I've read about it somehwre.

I have no idea what sound you are trying to get, some strings will sound louder than others but not supposed to drown out other strings.

Plus you said in your first post the clean is supposed to sound acosutic. Well RG is a solid body guitar not hollow and has magnetic pickups, its not going to sound acoustic. Try post up a sound clip so we can have a listen.
Will do, I'll have to get hold of a mic.

What would you suggest playing (bearing in mind I can't really play too well but could strum a few power or open chrods!!??) All I'm getting at is when I've listened to sounclips of other RG's such as Dave_Mc, or another guy on this board they sound much, much better and totally different - I know they are running different pups, but mine seems to sound so different.

I'm starting to put my money on the amp being next to useless although no-one seems to be able to give an opinion on whether it's any good or not. I've had to repair it once, it needs a few more bits replacing so maybe it's just nackered in gerenal!!??
Maybe it is your amp but sort out your guitar first before moving onto your amp.

Those guys have more experince, better amp, guitar, pups, everything. Plus they may know how to record nicely to make it sound even better.

Suggest playing huh? Open chords should be OK for testing your guitar, I'll wait for the soundclips though because I'm not sure what you mean by the treble string sounding "strange". If you still don't know what to do, take it to your local music shop, plug it into one of the amps and see if its still like that.
OK, i'll sort out a mic and see what I can sort out, don't expect to be blown away with my musical talent mind