my band, Fatal Exit played a battle of the bands at our high school this past saturday. we finished first place despite begin the youngest band there (3 freshman, 2 eighth grade).

Let me know what you think of us. There are five different songs so feel free to skip around.

edit:its not under the videos link....just scroll down the page a little and it will be there


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vocals sound a wee bit whiny but what i really like is the confidence on stage
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I would say your band is actually pretty good, but... you're left handed
Only had time to check the first two songs, but here's my crit:

I'm not really into this kinda music, but it's obvious the songs are well written with nice ideas and melodies. I thought the vocalist was pretty good too (i don't think he sounded too whiny). Would be nice hearing a proper mixed version of the songs.

Crit back?
wow great! ive heard lots of crappy bands in my time. and you are not in that list!
i can hear your influnces in the style!

i wish i had a band!
It was allright, not my style, but i would listen to it on my own free will
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