Okay, its that famous amp question again. Many are probably tired of these questions, but i love answering them, so if you're like me, im not bothering you And dont contradict me!!! This belief is what gets me any sleep in the nights

So, my budget is maybe as much as 3,000 , but preferably i don't want to spend more than max 1,500. What i want, is a versatile amp, with a good clean, and a good gain. To give you an idea of the prices in my country, a mesa boogie f-50 over here cost 2,500, although i can get one for 1,920, while a lone star costs 3,500, and i can get it for 3,000. But thats really more than i want to spend.

Anyway, we have a brand here in my country that makes a model which i would rate nearly as high as that f-50, and which would only cost me about 615- 769 USD. Somewhere in between. So, which one should i get? Or is there any amps you'd rather reccomend me?

Thanks so much on beforehand. Btw, i have roughly 2,500 on my own, with 500 coming up in birthday money (If im lucky, and get to lend some as well from mom), but about 600 is going for guitar upgrades.
Traynors are really nice all around amps, very affordable and are very versatile.
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Eh, it sounds kind of obscure? I Dont think we have that brand in my country. But thanks for the suggestion anyway
where are you, what brands are available? Marshall JCM900, the Mesas, Peavey 6505 / XXX, Randall Warhead
All of those you mentioned are available. The sound im looking for is a good hard rock/grunge tone with a streak of blues now and then.

Edit: The brand that is only available here (Made in my country) is called morgan, and the amp im looking at which costs 700 IS nearly as good as the mesa boogie f-50. And its definately much more bang for the buck compared to the mesa. But it issn't as good as the mesa even so, and i prob will want to upgrade again sometime in a couple of years if i go with the morgan.

So what do you think?
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