Hey, I've been learning the scales in the box positions and I have a couple of questions. One that hasn't been answered in a previous thread and another one that I have just came up with.

Number 1: Do you always start on the root note? On the minor scales box positions i'm learning at the minute there's a root note on the 6th, 5th and 4th strings. Do you always start on the root note (ie 4th string) and play up to the NEXT octive instead of starting on the 6th string every time?

Number 2: I'm learning on an acoustic guitar where you can play much higher that the 12th fret. Is it ok to play the positions at the top of the neck in a more open position? I know on electric guitar you can play higher on past the 12th fret.

Sorry if i'm confusing.

you don't have to start on the root note, you just emphasise the root note (keep reffering to it when playing).

i don't really get your second question. but the theory on an acoustic guitar is the same as on an electric.
When you play full scales eg shapes 2-5 of the minor pentatonic you play to the note you started on then go back to the root note (obviously not mandatory when soloing or whatever).