which one is the better metal guitar? which one has the best value(bang for the buck) and quality?

- Ibanez S470dxqm ($600)
and new pickup (+$150-200)
this and the prestige S2170 ($1200) seem to have the same specs yet it's 2x as much. Only difference is 5pc. prestige neck vs 3pc. non-prestige. what does this matter in terms of playability and feel?

- Ibanez RG1570 ($750)
possibly new pickups (+$150-200?)

- Jackson RR3 ($700)
possibly swap for OFR (+$180?)
does the neck joint really prevent upper fret access? is the LFR really that bad? what is a scarf joint?
Sam Totman from Dragonforce uses stock 05 RR3 so it must be pretty good?

- Jackson RR5 ($1180)
is it worth the price?
i played a 05 RR5 in ivory/pinstripes and the neck felt kind of sticky after playing a ltd alexi. I only played this very briefly, so i'm not sure if it was just this guitar or maybe my hands, but to those who've played it, what did you think of it?
I'd say the ibanez's, unless your into alder and neck thru(rr5).
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If you get the jacksons you may have to change pups also. The JB is an incredibly bright pup and Alder is a bright wood. you want a pup that balences out a bit.
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how would the rr3 compare to the rg1570 after a new OFR?

S470 and rg1570, which one is more suited for metal?
I just got an s470-previously had jackson RR's and Kellys and an RG. The S470 is very smooth sounding and has good sustain due to mahogany. Very responsive but is ultra quiet when you want it to be.Most comfortable guitar to play ever.
yeah rg1570, awesome finish too, i used to had one and add a pickguard myself
I have a Jackson DKMG with real EMG's and I thin its perfect. I may swap out the LFR for an OFR, but thats only $150 andded on to the dinky

Jackson DKMG Dinky: $700
I'd rather take one of the RR models over Ibanez.

Blahblah wah wah Jb and alder, blahblah. Dude, lots of people use it and they don't have **** tone. You can ADJUST the pickup you know, right? Its all about playstyle and your rig.

And guess what you get if you put ANYTHING in basswood? MUD! WOOO! down with TEH rg!
^Mud in Mahagony because of its properties.
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I say go with the RR3 if you want a trem (eventually change it though) and the RR5 if you dont need a trem.
i prefer both to the RG 1570..

they seem to "shimmer" with a quality that lacks in the rg...

in my personal opinion most Rg's lack "life"

that or the pickups suck in them
either way
go Jackson
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My vote goes for the RR5. And the reason the neck felt sticky is caus it was a floor model, and with a finished neck it tends to attract that feeling. But when only you're playing it, it'll be fine. Just be sure to clean it. But if you need a Floyd Rose, go for the 1570.

^Oh and striketalonx, I agree with what you say about RG's not having any life. Or something like that. I have an RG570, and I love it, but it just feels like a good guitar. It doesn't feel like my instrument. That's the best I can explain it.
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Yes, so here it is pretty much:

Need a good floyd rose - Ibanez RG1570

Don't need a trem - Jackson RR5

I really don't suggest the RR3 for anything.
RG1570. god, its so god.

just get a pickup change.

EDIT: yes, so god that its almost jesus.
please dont eat jesus.
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is basswood considered a dark sounding or bright sounding wood compared to alder and mahogany?

also between the wizard II and wizard prestige necks are there any differences in feel, besides one being 1mm thicker, such as smoothness/speed and finish?
anyone know where the cheapest place online to get an OFR in the US would be? All i know of is Warmoth which sells black ones for $180 and Ed Roman which sells for the same. Do they get any cheaper besides on ebay?
If your getting and RR3 you wont need a new trem. And the neck joint is fine and dosn't prevent fret access. It has the same pups as the RR5 so all your paying for really is the neck-thru design.
aren't the licensed ones supposed to be bad, and eventually the edges or something wears out causing it to have bad return?
Quote by The 1
aren't the licensed ones supposed to be bad, and eventually the edges or something wears out causing it to have bad return?

Some LFR's, yes.

But the Ibanez Lo-Pro for instance... rules.
Im going to say for one axe to own get a Prestige S model, the mahogany body sounds better than the 1570 but you get the thinner Prestige Wizard neck vs. a S470 or 520 with the Wizard 2 neck. Body is more comfy than the RG
I would say both Ibanez's can be made for metal with a pickup change. I have an S470dxqm and I love it. Thin ass neck, but not to thin like those of an RG, but thats all preference.
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rr3 with an ofr swap for sure, the neck is just absoultely superior to anything IMO, try it out for yourself

if youre serious about getting to the 21-24 frets a lot and bending them as well it may be worth looking at the RG because it would be far easier on that (but still easily possible on an rr3 if youre not a bitch)
hypothetically speaking, if a neck on a bolt-on broke, how much would it cost to replace it?
also where would you get it and would it be the same brand or model as the original or different?
like would you be able to get another rr3 or rg1570 or s470?
100-200 bucks. Ebay. Same neck style.(in this case wizard prestige)
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rr3, because it sounds great for metal and you can get trem switched eventually (even though i dont think LFR are as horrible as everyone says)
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