is there a whammy bar i could get installed on my SG, not a floyd rose, that will get the simple job of a wang bar done?
You could get a Bigsby or a Stetsbar. I think both would do fine, but the Bigsby is meant for light vibrato, not massive dives.
what does a stetsbar do? and what is a khaler i hear so much about?
Khaler mounts flat on the body and the stetsbar requires no screw holes at all.
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Ya, the Stetsbar (I think) rests on the pieces that normally hold on the tailpiece.


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I've never understood why a routed tremolo (FL, Strat, etc.) can't be put on a Gibson. Why?

They can be put on Les Pauls, they just kind of look funny, and they really kill the sound of the guitar (they basically take out a huge chunk of tonewood.

They can't be put on an SG because the body is far too thin to support the trem.