I just got my new dimarzio pups and and humbucker. Still need to get it wired by a pro but last night i just put the humbucker in the scratch plate to see what it looks like. Once installed it is wobly as it is mounts are in the centres. is this normal? also there is a gap between the edge of humbucker and scratch plate. I didnt realise the pup didnt come with a cover. I was thinking of buying a cover which would fill the gap and maybe stop the wobbling. Only thing is the covers only allow for one side of the (magnets)? to show through. Will this effect the sound of the humbucker?
yes u can add a cover, it gives a slight tone change, but is mostly for cosmetics, and dont worry about the poles not exposed.

the pickup wobles, if the springs holding it in place arent "springy" enough to push it back into place.
so pull on them a little, make sure they are doing their job.

and dont worry if there is room around an uncovered pickup. it should be fine.

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