Here's a version of Metallica's My Friend of Misery.
I recorded the original bass line from the intro and looped it at first to record the guitar over cuz I didn't have a bass (which is kinda important in that song). Then My ex-drummer had recorded the drums later, and then I used my 7string Ibanez, tuned down, to fill in the bass...


Again, I will gladly accept all comments, good or bad

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Just a couple issues - a couple areas of the intro seemed to be off by just the slightest bit as far as timing goes...nothing serious. The tone is a little fuzzy at first but seems to get better as the song goes along for some reason. Drums are good as well. Nice job on the interlude...damn! Solo tone is actually really nice and full. Overall - I would rock out to this just as I would to the original.
I thank you loudsilence, Yeah, I actaully agree about the fuzziness, I recorded this about 2 years ago and was still getting used to a new processor. I've been toying with the idea of just redoing the whole song entirely, but I just haven't found the drive to tackle it again.
Thanks again.
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