As an aspiring bassist, I'm constantly working to improve my playing skills. Also, as someone who is never satisfied with myself, I'm constantly looking for new things to learn technique-wise. My goal is to not just be a bassist, but a musician. What are qualities and talents that you would like to have as a bassist?

For example: one thing that I believe is important is versatility. If you're the best heavy metal bassist in your tri-state area, whatever. If you can slap better than Flea himself, I don't care. If can play every one of Jaco Pastorious's songs, it doesn't matter. Then again, the last one would be impressive.

The best players are the ones that understand their instrument and music enough to sit a gig and play funk, followed by rock, followed by R&B, followed by metal, ect., ect.

Let's keep this going as a reference for us bassists.
well, slap is essential for versatility, so is having gadgets like capos, slides, funkfingers, whatever.

and versatility is aided by playing more instruments, like piano or vocals and whatnot.
know your gear... know the limits and possibilities of your amp/bass/fx

be a versatile player; able to play in funk/rock/metal/pop/R&B/soul/... style bands

know how to put up a great show; but also know when and when not to do it

know your theory and know your fretboard

be open minded

have a professional attitude when needed

be cool, relaxed and chilled out (VERY important )
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Goes for any instrument: play for the music, not for yourself.

Have all the chops in the world, but don't use them unless you need to.
"You can practice to attain knowledge, but you can't practice to attain wisdom." - Herbie Hancock
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Become your instrument. Give it a name. Charleene....

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slightly creppy.....but i'm not here to judge

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