Hey guys! This is Rob back again with a new band! After being chucked out ot tag i have been hard at work finding a new band and i have found it!

This was a video from our first gig, we had only been together for 6 weeks and this is one of our songs!

Im the bassist in the band, In this song watch out for the kick ass vocals and the bass tapping in the break!

If your fans of Ballads, Iron Maiden and kick ass female vocals then download this!


Our Site Http://www.etchedinstoneuk.com

The song took about half an hour to write, The vocals are rather dark considering.

I played a Yamaha John Myung Signature model through a Ampeg Pre-amp straight into the desk, i didnt have a bass cab and just had everything going through the monitors And i used my fingers . (No bull**** plectrums ))

There was a couple of hiccups but it was all good

So check it out!

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before i say anything else: You are really ****en tall, man. I mean, you'd told me before that you were tall, but actually seeing you compared to other people. god...

anyway, due to my crappy ears, i couldn't understand the words to most of the song. The vox were good, though. Not really what i normally like, but good.

I loved the tapping part. Awesome.
Heres the Lyrics:

Lyrics K.Bernice/Arrangement by S.Waddell, R. Quick ©2006

Solitary hollow existence
I've been as cold as death
For a thousand years
It's only my body that died
When I lost myself in the shadows
New gods are born
And the lies they sing to you
Is the instrument of my resurrection

You will satisfy my thirst
To live in the light I won't be cursed
I swear these words aren't unrehearsed
These pale lips speak to you
From my black little heart
Black Art

There's a hidden history
While I was working on my sorrow
The soul craves I sit and mourn
Naked as the day I was born
Skin turns to stone
The lies they sing to you
Is the instrument of my resurrection

You will satisfy my thirst
To live in the light I won't be cursed
I swear these words aren't unrehearsed
These pales lips speak to you
From my black little heart
Black Art

Time to bleed you
Time to feed you
Time to free you
It's my turn to mislead you

You will satisfy my thirst
I'm living in the light I won't be cursed
And I swear these words aren't unrehearsed
These pale lips speak to you
From my Black little heart

That sounded great the whole through, had atmosphere, nice tones, brilliant singing...drums maybe a tad dull for what I could hear but apart from that.....the bass tapping was good aswell....and you all had prescence on the stage.....

If you could crit mine it'd be very much appreciated....


Hi Rob,

HEY, I recognize those lyrics!! And I 'know' they took longer than half an hour to write! It was an hour and 27mins OK!! Steve, our guitarist offered the arrangement and as a band we pulled it together in about 30mins and we're all so happy with it because I agreed with all the band members from the beginning that everyone shall 'do what thy will as long as it harm none' (an ole' witches creed) so far it's working well. We have all added our own touch and ideas with a great freedom - the recipe for a 'good jelling' as I call it. The sound isn't great on the clip as you probably noticed but trust me, it wasn't all that great when you were there either - all eyes to the sound engineer please! We all played brilliantly for our first ever gig after just 6 weeks in rehearsal.

Just having a few bacardis here, ya know, browsing around and I find this interesting topic so just HAD to register and join the convo.

Hello 'ultimate guitarers' ;o) And hello all Rob's friends. Thanks for your comments and fair shout for putting up the clip Rob. You've brought you're own unique touch to this band. We're gonna put those other bands to shame at the 'Carling Academy' on 8th July (minor plug there) I'm glad Ian got a close up of your bass solo. I love watching your long fingers move so fast! ;o)

Gotta go - glass empty

PS, I'm the vocalist/rhythm guitarist btw ;o)
wow that girls got pretty kick ass vocals.... that is amazing for 6 weeks rehearsal and first gig im impressed... keep it up and song sounds good too and i think you should have busted out like a short solo at the end of the first song it would have sounded perfect....

edit: oh my bad i thought it ended umm i think the solo should have been like in the short interlude
I like the vocals, guitar, bass, drums......and your hair.

(Especially your hair).
this is really good, especially for being together for that little amount of time. I thought the drums were a little simple, but everything was really nice, and the vocalist, mann, she can sing. You play a mean bass as well. Good work guys!
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lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
Didn't really like the verses (couldn't hear the bass really). The chorus is nice when the vox kick in full. The singer has a really good voice. Yes, the tap section was nice. I also liked the section at the end ("what should we do now", that would give a crowd confidence in the band).
I loved saying that at the end of the song! Just an idea to get the audience pumped up before the last kick. We knew exactly what we were going to do...just none of us new when! lol

Cheers again for the compliments,

Kyra B