I play a Gibson SG standard, but I really want a trem system...
I hear the Stetsbars are pretty good and especialy take my fancy due to them requiring no modification to my guitar (a little modification of the scratch plate is req for my gibson, but i'l probably just buy a batwing)...anyone out there got one?
Are they a proper trem system or just a vibrola?
I want something comparable to a Floyd Rose system, something that will be able to handle a good range.
I play alot of Metallica and I'm startin to get some Rhandy Rhodes solos pretty good, but I ofcourse can't do any of the whammy bar tricks...
If I did get one i'd probably stick it on my Epiphone SG for the time being and get to know it on that, the one i'm lookin at will cost me £259 so I want to ensure that it:

1. Has a wide range of bending, similar to a floyd rose
2. Will **NOT IN ANY WAY DAMAGE MY GIBSON SG** even through over use
3. Won't eat strings like crazy

Thanks in advance for yer help
First realize that this doesn't have a locking nut. If you add locking tuners depending on your nut you should have pretty good tuning stability. If you want divebombs ala EVH, sorry to disappoint you but...

If you want to add light bar work yes, quality product, no modifications needed, expensive but top notch.
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1. It's not able to do whammy bar dives. If I remember the best you can get is about 1/2 step.

2.I don't think there is any way it could hurt your SG.

3. A new bridge won't affect the breaking of strings. Unless you replace an old worn out one with a new one.
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