The intro to this Chili Peppers song is pretty difficult, what fingers would you guys use for which notes? I use my pinky on the A, ring on the D, and index on the G. Then I hammer on to the G with my ring and then quickly put it back onto the D. Does anyone have any suggestions that knows how to play this song? thanks.

btw its hard getting up to the speed frusciante plays it at.
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Ilove that song. There is no way you can finger pick it. Justpractice with a pick until your fingers bleed.
No, I'm talking about my fretting hand. And yes I am using a pick.

Edit: Heres the tab of the first bar

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never having played the song before, but just looking at that i have an idea how i would do it. just picked up my guitar and tried it out, and it seems to work fret the g string with the index, d string with the ring, and then the a with your middle finger. pinky then does the hammer on and then goes to seventh fret on the a string. hammering with the ring would work too, but i think the pinky would be better. then definatly use middle to pinky on the A string.

thats how i see it anyway, but since i dont know how to play it this might not be best.