Im saving up about 2500 USD to get a really kickass guitar. The only problem is I dont know which one.......yet. Thats where you come in. Im going to all of the guitar centers and sam ashes around to try out guitars. I play classic rock, prog, blues, jazz(not so much) and metal(Metallica, Maiden, Sabbath, Dokken, Ozzy. That type of stuff.) what would you reccomend for me to try? I was thinking maybe a Les Paul or a PRS. What do you think. Gear in sig

Thanks in advanced
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$2500, hmm, if your willing enough to save another 700 or so, get the ESP Kirk Hammet signature KH-2 (not neck thru) or KH-3 http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_kirk.html if not, get a PRS.

He wants to play blues and stuff to, not just metal. Around $2500 will get you a LP standard, or a PRS like already said.
EDIT: Maybe look at a Quicksilver from << >>Ed Roman
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If you don't know what guitar u want for 2500$ maybe you should rethink about actually getting one.
Dude. If you have $2500 to spend on a guitar it's a decision that YOU should make. Not people that you don't know on the internet. That's just stupid. Go try guitars and pick one you really, really, REALLY love. For $2500 it better be a guitar you'll play forever.
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i'd say a gibson. alex lifeson used a 335 for a long time, and has used les pauls for the prog side, bb king has his own custom, semi-hollows are good for jazz and blues, and can also hold distortion good enough for metal.
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Dude, if i had that kind of cash i would go for something custom.

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Agreed, 100%
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otherwise, with that money, go get your own custom guitar.
hell, i think you can go Custom with that kinda money?

cuz John Petrucci guitar costs 1300....or am i missing another zero...hahaha...

but still, GO custom..