I am new to the crafting of guitars, but still looking to make one soon. I just have a few questions i would like answered...first off is what tools would i need to make the neck of a guitar? and also, How do u paint a swirl, as seen on a few Jackson guitars...replies would be appreciated.
Which swirl are you talking about a swirl like this http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/swirled.htm or one like this http://images.misupply.com/products/originalzoom/Jackson/71239.jpg

The first sort you could do, but the second is tricky and you need to use two pack paint. If you really want to the the 2nd one talk to ormsby guitars, inthink he used the same sort of paint on his metal baritone guitar.
yah i talked to orsmby but he said he couldnt give out his secrets...he gave me a hint tho he said to research what guys used to customize before cars, still trying to figure that one out
He's probably talking about what people use to paint that effect on cars. The finish is probably a two pack finish. I wouldn't spray that kind of finish without a spray booth. It's nasty stuff and hard to get right.