hey ssup guys hows it going??
i just recorded a demo song for my band and yea i think you should check it out... its called look around and its just a simple progression but with two guitars and my vocals which are ok i guess... check it.. and leave your songs or page so i can crit it thx

lets see.
i like the tempo at the start! its unexpected and different. i like both of these things in a song. (but i would say that wouldnt i)
great vocals! but you need better mixing so its not so overpowering! it takes over too much if you get me.
I like the little intro riff.....didnt really have much affect on the song, but it was a nice touch.

Chord progression was damn catchy.....

quality was not too good, but it was listenable. Turn the guitars up, vocals down (although they are decent).

Same with the distortion part, turn it up!

Hm.....the little lead that comes in at 1:27 is cool, but it kinda clashes with the vocals, I think. It's a bit distracting. I like that idea of that lead, but maybe just do a full on solo over the chords instead?

Ended nicely, this was a very catchy little tune, although it definitely was hindered by the recording quality. I'd love to hear this with everything balanced out and eq-ed though, keep at it.
hey man thanks for checkin out my song, much appreciated with the advice!

i checked out your song, and i really like the main riff, kinda reminds me of somethine the chili peppers would write, which is a pretty huge compliment from me (big peppers fan!)

the vocals are pretty dang decent, a few tone issues but you have a nice voice, and fit the style very nicely...a few fluctuations in the volume, but that can be expected...around 2: 20 there is a tremelo in the background that kind of dragged on a bit too long in my opinion, but not too bad

overall a really great job!

I love the progression and the intro. You're vocals are kinda loud though. Turn the guitars up and the vocals down and this will be an awesome song. I love the electric and acoustic guitars in unison also. The little background thing behind the acoustic in the middle of the song sounds pretty great too.

If you wanna crit mine just go ahead. You'll find it somewhere.
yea sorry bou the loud vocals cuz everyone kept saying in my other songs my vocals were too soft so i think i overdid the volume here lolz.. thx for crits keep em coming