So, here's the thread where it's very easy: rate and then recommend your gear. While you don't have to go into detail about everything, small details are nice!

I'll start:
Schecter Gryphon: 9/10- Great guitar, good tone and sustain, but isn't absolutely perfect
Digitech Hot Head Distortion Pedal: 8/10- Good classic rock and UK punk sounds
Digitech Death Metal Distortion Pedal: 5/10- Squeals waayyy too much, and you can't make out what the hell you're playing. The "tonesucker"
Line 6 Spider II 30- N/A- getting a new amp (not a line 6

Now it's your turn,
Ibanez grg170dx - 8/10 As a starting guitar, maybe 6-7/10 overall. Overall I really love my guitar, being my only electric right now, but I've had oppertunities to play higher end guitars.

Roland Cube 30 - 9/10 Great practice amp, for both at home and out jamming with the band. It's served me well aswell as at a few small venues too. Can achieve a wide range of tones and there is that super gain R-Fier setting which'll be more than you should need for rocking out to Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden, whatever. The clean channel is OK, but you can get better clean tones from the lead channel, suits almost if not every genre.

Dunlop GCB-95 (Wah) - 5/10 Although easy to use (plug & play really), there isnt much YOU can do to change how this pedal sounds without getting inside it and modding the board. Both low and high ends of the sweep seem to clip at certain points, the sweep itself from low->high is very sharp. It'll do well for just messing around, but I found it wasnt really what I was after at all.
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Homemade Strat: 1/10 ****iest guitar I'll ever own in my life I got it for $12 from a pothead.
Dunlop Crybaby: 9/10 Love the pedal but I want a 525Q Crybaby.
Boss DS-1: 7/10 okay pedal for me gives me the distortion I need.
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (Commie): 9/10 Great for a fuzz sound.
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone (U.S.A.): Good phase pedal for me.
Homemade Pedal (I call it angry flute): 7/10 Made by my uncle it gives the sound from the solo to Sleep Now In the Fire by RATM.
Marshall MG100DFX: 8/10 It sounds good to me (despite all the bad remarks about it here in the forums.)
EBOW: 10/10 Only EBOW out there and gives me that unique sound I want.
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USA Fender Strat: 8/10. Super clean tone, great construction, good feel, classic shape. The cons are no humbuckers for not mega riffing. But that's only if that's what you're into.
my best bang for the buck set.

yamaha yg1212 series (150 bucks 2nd hand) - awesome feelings, pickups are warm even the bridge, wonderful heel joint.
yamaha dg stomp (175 bucks 2nd hand - good cleans, chorus but distortion not meant for heavier sound)