When the best description they can give of the body is
Solid Wood Body

I can't help but have my doubts...
You'll get what you pay for. Probably less.

Remember...Plywood is still solid wood.
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Looking for a drummer in the Detroit, MI area
PM if interested!

High end Hamers are really nice. I know one of the guitarists from Judas Priest uses them. That one though looks pretty crappy.
Heh, solid wood.

I always wondered if there was EVER a guitar that wasn't "solid wood"

The only one that comes to mind would be the Wangcaster on a cold day...
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I have one of those- suprisingly, it plays and sounds great with a little set up and new pick ups. I put a JB and Jazz in mine. Its a great deal, trust me.
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Heh, solid wood.

I always wondered if there was EVER a guitar that wasn't "solid wood"

The only one that comes to mind would be the Wangcaster on a cold day...

I looked it up on the Hamer site, that guitar....
Its this one..

Neck Maple
Body Solid (SOLID?!? Wtf...)
Fingerboard Rosewood
Frets 22
Pickup Config. Humbucker, Humbucker
Tuners Chrome
Toggle 3-Way
Volume Knobs 2
Tone Knobs 1
Tailpiece Tune-O-Matic
Scale Length 24 3/4"

You could try this one too

Body Type: Alder
Top: n/a
Tuners: Chrome
Electronics: 2-Volumes, 1-Tone, 3-Way tog.
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic
Inlays: Dot
Cap: n/a
Neck Joint: Alder/Set
Scale Length: 24 3/4"
Neck Pickup: Hamer Humbucker
Bridge Pickup: Hamer Humbucker

Though on the site.. check this one out...

Standard Custom
Body Type: Ivoroid Bound Mahogany
Top: Flat
Tuners: Schaller
Electronics: 2 Vol, 1 Tone, 3-Way Toggle
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic, Stop Tailpiece
Inlays: Crown
Cap: Flamed Maple
Neck Joint: Set Neck
Scale Length: 24 3/4"
Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan '59
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan '59


All the same shape.. just in varying degrees of kickass.
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When I first started out guitars, my first e.gutiar was a hamer vector. It was great, even until now except the ugly headstock they have
My friend has a hamer, and it's pretty good. I don't like its maple fretboard, though. And yeah, the headstock is quite strange
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Avoid Slammer guitars. Hamer make excellent guitars, but their Slammers are shìt on a stick.

And solid PLYwood is probably more like it....
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For a cheap explorer shape, you might be better off getting an Epiphone.

I don't think Agile has any Explorer shapes (but I'm not sure).
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My Hamer it sounds better than a 93 Les Paul Studio I used to own and you can actually run scales above the 16th fret. I like the LP shape a hair more but you cant have everything.
i dunno about that particular guitar youre looking at but hamers in general are very nice and were pretty big in the 80's metal scene with custom models for the judas priest guitarists as well as the famous scarab and scarab II
i liked hammers i never figured out how they could make exact copies of gibsons tho
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Slammer are Hamer's sub company (like Squier to Fender). They suck. Get a cheap Hamer instaed. The Hamer Standard is the same shape, only far better.

How do you figure that? Just because something is less expensive its not as good? Thats just ignorant- I guarantee you that you've never played one, and if you have, a bet it wasn't properly setup or modded.
i have a Slammer Explorer and it sounds really good for the price, i changed the bridge pick up to Dimarzio SD and it sounds amazing, the only thing that pisses me off is that the guitar is really Heavy (think carrying 2/3 Les Pauls), otherwise its a really great guitar , oh and Hendrix if u need clips or video clips just pm me
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my friend has a nice one, really metal and shred-esque, i like it.
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