what is a good recording software i can get? are there any free ones taht i can download?
Pro tools is one of the best. Professional studios use it, but there are cheap versions. I think there might be a free demo too.
Audacity is simple to use and is free. Here is the link: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Another good one is Kristal, but its a bit complicated
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waht special hardware dp you need to hook the guitar to the comp? can i rout it throguh my PODxt?
cool dit pro!!

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if you have a mac i would deffinetly recomend GARAGEBAND for starters and deffinatly LOGIC 7 or LOGIC 7 pro
Download Cool Edit Pro from Limewire
download limewire from Limewire.com
make sure you choose the one thats free.
be carefull- the one you download might have a virus, so do a virus scan on it, make sure you download on that says "includes serial+crack and registered"
thats how i got mine
its VERY easy to use for beginners and its VERY common to UGers
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I know people promote Audacity because its free but man I downloaded it last night just to see what all the fuss is about. That program sucks hard, but oh well its free so what do ya expect.

*goes back to his Studio using Seqouia*

But if its free your looking im sure you can find what need need online if you like in the right places.
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