hey, ive been playing guitar for about 2 years, and only recently seriously, so i'm not very good.

i've been practicing the 5 patterns to the pentatonic scale from a book for a couple of months (the one found on this page http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/scales/major_and_minor_pentatonic_scales.html i didn't learn it from here, but it's the same one).

i can play the shapes pretty well by themselves, but I have no idea how to apply them. could anybody recommend some songs that I can practice with? some songs that when i play them i can see that im using notes from these shapes, to get to know them better, and how they work. all the info i find about the scales start off with the pentatonics, but i have no idea how to use them

preferably metal songs if thats possible. i really have no idea

thanks alot!
Basically any metallica song. Almost all Kirks solos are some sort of pentatonic.
The main riff to Jump In The Fire is a good example of the pentatonic in use. If you loop this riff, you can basically improvise the hell out of some pentatonic shape in the key of G.
But anyway, that song is a great song for praticing those scales, as the whole song is built on pentatonics.
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I recommend playing some Rage Against The Machine songs such as "Bombtrack", and also some Audioslave songs. The main riff in the Audioslave song "Cochise" is purely pentatonic and Tom Morello plays stuff based on the pentatonic scale in many other songs of theirs.
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