Hi. This is going to sound very stupid, but here it goes anyway. My friend was playing around with my new guitar, 61' reissue sg. and I told him to tune it into drop D. Now he thought drop D meant that you tune the E string UP to D. Well he did that and the string was incredibly tight. Could this possibly have done any damage to the guitar? I thought I heard a crack but it could have just been my imagination or a squeaky floorboard or something. I tuned it back down right away. I called up gibson tech support and they said it probably didn't do anything, but I would like some more opinions.
i dont think it did anythin, but if u tightened all of them it could bend the neck, same if you had all your strings real loose
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LOL that's a whole octave up and then another whole step!

i'm suprised your tuning peg didn't tear itself out of the wood and poke an eye out or something
but i guess i don give instruments in general enough credit for durability
that sound you heard. was most likely the wraps around the string splitting and unravaling a bit. happened to me once, with a 75 gauge string.

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One string for a short period of time on a quality instrument should not be a problem.
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