Okay, here it goes.

I was in a band last year (in college), and will be in one next year. So I have the summer to make some gear switches, sell guitars, etc. Right now this is my setup:

Schecter Omen-6
Danelectro Distortion Pedal
Fender Princeton 65

I also have a cheap acoustic guitar & a fairly nice uke which I'll be playing. The band plays mostly indie-rock type stuff (listen to some bad recordings here - http://myspace.com/theadventuresoftupperware if you want a taste), but the lead singer graduated and I'm taking his place.

Okay, so I have some money to spend, and I'm selling my old acoustic guitar, so I have around $350-$400 to work with. Originally I planned on getting a Line 6 DL4 for solo stuff and for practicing over the summer, but I changed my mind because of their fragility. And then it was a RC-20XL (Boss looper), which is still an option. That would be 265, probably.

Or... for a couple more bucks, I could get a GNX3, which might be a good deal, but has some issues - Digitech doesn't garner a lot of trust, and whatever equipment I have I'll have to use live. Any experiences with that processor?

Or... I could sell my guitar right now and switch to a Telecaster Standard or a reissue 69 Thinline / 72 Thinline. I don't have much hands-on experience with either, but I think that they might be good long-term purchases and might fit the sound better (even though my current guitar is fine).

Ideas? The GNX3 seems like the natural decision, but I'm still uncertain of whether it would be as good as the RC-20XL in a live scenario....

Thanks for any wisdom, I'm really uncertain about this decision.
The digitech garners a lot of other features such as effects and presets whereas the loop station only does loops. I would probably say get the telecaster because you will be a lot more satisfied with your sound.
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Im not sure what kind this is, but theres a beautiful fender telecaster thats sunburst, flamed maple (i think), thin body, and has cream binding. It looks sooo hot. But no matter what, I recommend getting the telecaster.
That isn't quite what I expected!

Yeah, it was a little unusual to play indie stuff (in VERY Indie-scene shows) with the Omen... but we had some odd instruments in the band, so I guess it fit in. Anyway... yeah, I don't know.

I think I'd be happy with getting a Tele, it seems like a very solid guitar, but I would feel bad about getting one just for looks - since it seems like the reviews for the Omen are actually higher than the Tele (although I would guess that Tele reviewers are more apt to be the kind of guys who rant about nothing living up to Tube amps and vintage Nocasters)

Anyway, if that's the way, what kind? Thinline? Those seem to attract blues guys more than rock... between a Standard and a Deluxe or a Thinline, what's the best way to go?
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