Hey im new i just figured id post one of my songs for a crit thanks

I like to watch my sin, being blown off in the wind,
pretend i make sense but im kidding myself again.
Because the truth is in, and its different,
Than what i thought was the end so for this goal i begin

I havent seen you in awhile, i see you still got my ring,
I still think of your smile when i look down at this plastic thing
Im locked in this dream with this reoccuring scene,
Where youve fallen for me but its not happening
Can I scribe it in the carpet with the thing that i confide in?
Can you read my mind upside down,
Can i control my hands, no
No i cant control my hands.

Verse 2
There is this game that i play, i take every word that you say,
Twist them around every way, till my souls not afraid.
Cause every day im away, i reminisce,
about the words that i miss and about the kisses unkissed.

And on my finger there is a callus, from the ring that wont break,
With every breath that i take, it keeps my world awake,
Just for your sake, ill look to the skys and let it burst in my eyes
Cause i see you in my lies


Dissolve into gold light as i make my way, my way back home to you.
I never would compromise the weight, of being alone with you. 2X

Please crit
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i'm sorry, but i hated the rhyming... you should try to ease up on it. try different rhyme schemes. use less noticeable rhymes too. and don't rhyme with the same word.
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I liked the second verse a lot, there was just a weird sense of personality to it. I dunno though, because I didn't like the rest. Like that guy said, work on a different rhyme scheme and don't rhyme with the same word.
I had the same problem everyone else had about the rhyming. However, I think it was okay. You had a lot of good analogies. Only rhyme like that if it's rap or something like the RHCP's. In that case, do what ever the **** you want to.
bloody fantastic.
Maybe im the only one that thinks so but i think it was class.
crit mine? tis in my sig.
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Hey thanks for the comments, thats my only song i rhyme like that sort of style, thats why i wanted to see what people think of it. Ill crit yours if u put it up