Poll: Shred, Instrumental, or Both
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1 6%
5 31%
10 63%
Voters: 16.
If I had the choice between a Steve Vai shred instrumental, and a slow blues Jimi Hendrix instrumental, I'm 110% going with the Hendrix instrumental. (I have a bunch of Hendrix instrumentals actually.)
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The only instrumental music I really like is Satch and Vai. I dont like listening to guys like Yngwie playing arpeggios a million miles per hour. Thats just boring.
instrumental rock i think is more like alot of Satriani stuff
shred is DragonForce solos, Yngwie, and some of the ridiculous Vai stuff

but i think Inst. rock is also like SRVs "Rude Mood" and "Rivera Paradise"
i Cant take it the only instrumentals i listen to are Call of Ktulu Orion and To live is to die
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anyone can do some tremolo picking at 300 mph, but they can't all necessarily make a good song out of it. Instrumentals any day.