so my graduation is coming up and my parents said they would spend up to 350 on a present.....so i need some new stuff.....dont care what it is......

ive been looking at a chorus, overdrive, and other pedals........i want another amp for more gain but unless that can be found for under that price or like 400 maybe then thats out of the question.......so just recomend me some gear.....
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For $350, your choices in the category of "nice amps" is zero. I would seriously recommend getting more money before purchasing an amp.

So on to effects...

Go up to the guitar store and try out some effects and get ones you like. You could probably get 2 to 3 pedals depending on what you go for. If you don't have a delay pedal, I'd highly recommend considering one. You can get a some crazy/stupid sounds, but most importantly... it will be very functional & you will probably use it often, especially if you ever play/practice any sort of lead-type playing.

Aside from that, the DigiTech Whammy would be a good choice if you're going for some variety that's both fun & useful.