Hey there. I just started playing my guitar again recently and one of my strings snapped (we're talking like 7 year old strings here). So I took it in to get it re-strung and had all 6 replaced.

I know nothing about it so the guy was nice enough to do it for me free of charge. The thing is, beforehand my guitar had a nice "organic" sound let's call it. Now it sounds really strange and metallic. The notes are all in tune ... just ... metallic. Anyways, it doesn't sound nearly as nice to me and I was wondering if anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about and how to fix it.

Thanks much!

I know what you're talking about. It may be partially the strings you used, but new strings usually sound like that for a little while (2 or 3 or 4 days). If it still sounds like that after a week or so, where you are actually playing it, then take it in and see if somethings wrong.
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It's due to the new strings. Your old strings were really old and old strings give you a warmer almost dull tone. The new strings give you that bright, metallic sound you're talking about. So, Wait until your stings break in (usually a week or so of playing) and the sound should start sounding less metallic. It will probably take a month or so before you're completely happy with your sound again and that metallic sound is gone. Also, next time you change strings ask the guys at the shop for a sting that will give you a warmer sound as some strings are made for that metallic, bright sound you dislike.
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Thanks guys. I figured as much but wanted to make sure. Hopefully they break in fast cause I really do dislike the sound!