hey guys:

I have a mesa dual rectifier 3 channel version. for those that are familliar with it, you have the FX loop with this amp, as well as a mixing knob, to control the mixign amount of the FX you have in your loop.

Ok, so onto the question. I'm going to buy these pedals on ebay:

- MXR M-108 Ten band EQ
- BOSS CE-2 Chorus
- Dunlop GCB 95F crybaby wah
- BOSS DD-2 Delay
- Electro harmonix Holy Grail reverb.

Can you guys help me to figure out how ui should place these pedals, and how i shoudl hook them up to my amp. (ie: going from guitar straight into amp, or hooking up into FX loop, and which pedal should go before which...etc..etc.)

SIDE NOTE: these 5 pedals listed are what i read to be good pedals. if anyone else has a pedal that they think would be better then what i listed, please refer me to it.

I'm in the process of getting rid of my GT-6, and just buying the basic single stomboxes that i need.

thanks, and all help is greatly appreciated
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This is how'd I'd do it:

Guitar < Dunlop GCB 95F Crybaby < Holy Grail < Chorus < EQ < Amp ----FX Loop: DD-2 Delay
Wah should go not go in the effects loop because it'll sound weird. Wah should be connected straight through your guitar. Put delay and any other effects in order from distortion to modulation to eq but you really should try out different orders to your taste. Once you've connected all the pedals together get two patch cords one running from the first pedal to the in jack in the effects loop then one running from the last pedal to the out jack on the effects loop.
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