Okay, so after much thought and many questions I have found everything I was to buy. There is only one question I have, which should I buy first. Okay there is the option of the Boss GT-8 effects processor and a Randall RG75G3 amp. I will spend most of my time practicing and not a lot playing with people, and since the GT-8 has builtin preamps and a headphone jack it seems like it would be the best thing to start out with, then my parents won't be complaining about noise. Which do you think would be better? Start out with the amp or the effects board?
I would definatley buy the Boss Gt-8. Multieffects are so much fun, and thats one of the best. If you are a beginner with effects, or not, they are fun to get good tones out of and save your tones. What kind of amp do you have now though?
that's the thing. I don't have one currently. I have been playing guitar since october and have never gotten an amp, never had the money to before. Which is why this is such a tough decision.
ooo. how have you been playing if you dont have an amp? and what kind of guitar do you have? maybe you should get a cheaper amp to practice on and a cheapter multieffects pedal so you can have both.
what are u gonna do with the effects if u don't have an amp?
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...Or you can get a modeling amplifier that is nice. Look into the Vox Valetronix Series. Maybe a Vox AD30 or Vox AD50 if you want 50 watts which I doubt. Or you can get a Roland Cube. Roland Micro Cube, Roland Cube 30, or Roland Cube 60. Dont look at the Roland Cube 15.

So remember these names:
Vox Valvetronix
Roland Cube
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what are u gonna do with the effects if u don't have an amp?

You can plug headphones into the multieffects and that acts as a preamp while the headphones act as speakers. It sounds pretty nice like this actually.
I think I will get the GT-8 and plug into it, thanks everyone. See I don't practice with people and by the time I do I'll have money to buy an amp, so for now I will use the GT-8 with it's preamp settings :-D.
just buy a crappy 10 watt amp from a pawn shop or on ebay. thats plenty to practice with, headphones get annoying after a few months.
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