Poll: Do you use a pick when you play bass?
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View poll results: Do you use a pick when you play bass?
14 45%
17 55%
Voters: 31.
Do you, you personally, use picks on bass? I do occasionally, but I mostly just use my fingers.
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that be a yes. i can do just fine without a pick now, but when my fingers ache i whip it out and carry on.

that sounded wrong...
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I'm tired of people bashing bassists for using a pick. It's a different style and it produces a different tone. It's so close minded of bassists to do that.
I do use a pick in the faster songs i can play such as hysteria otherwise i like fingers asi t gives you more control on your sound
I can't use a pick to save my life. Fingers all the way.
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If I am playing a fast song my fingers can't keep up with, I break out the pick.
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I use my fingers; until they get tired at least.

I've built up fairly good finger stamina by now.
almost always fingers, i rarely play with a pick now
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About 50/50. Some songs I know that they bassist plays with a pick, so I do too. That and the genres I cover use both. Songs by Rage and stuff, I'd never pick. Songs by Social Distortion, most definitely.
Almost always. It gives me the sound I want and I cut thru the mix much better.
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I never use a pick, I just don't like the tone it produces and we never play songs that involve them, besides the few times i have used them i was using my friends custom ones that are suppose to be one of the thickest, and they always break.