I'm looking for a fast, easy playing guitar with a good lead kind of sound. I've looked for a while and it seems like the best choices are the Ibanez RG1570 and the Ibanez JS1200. I've looked at the specs and the only differences I can tell are that the pickups on the JS are Fred/Joe which I think are a nicer combination than the stock RG1570 pups, and the neck on the RG1570 is wizard prestige compared to the JS prestige neck. Also, the JS is 22 frets which i can live with, but its says they are 6105, what does that mean? If anyone can give me any advice, the only reason I'm considering the JS1200 over the RG1570 is it would save me $200 and another $200 to change out the RG pickups.
The frets on the JS are a bit smaller. Both necks feel about the same. Rg is a bit thinner. The JS comes with coil tap. If you can try both of em out at a local store try em out to see which neck/and or frets you like better.

Oh JS1000= Paf Pro an FRed

JS1200= Paf Joe and Fred
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