I was plugging my guitar into my amp to day, and I palmed the tip of the cable. All of a sudden I heard a local AM radio station instead of the normal buzz. Has this happened to any one else?
it has to do with the wiring in your amp i think
my crate does it sometimes. O.o
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Do you have a Roland Cube? If so, that's my problem too.
I think there's something worng with your input jack; mine buzzes like crazy.
It's a hard problem to fix; take it in to a store.
Probably a good idea...i asked some guy today and he said it was normal. I can actually change the station when I press the tip against my head.
Dude, my friend's guitar amp did that. But the amp was only plugged into the guitar, I dont think the cord was even plugged in. but at one spot, he kept picking up a Mexican Rap radio station, so we sat there listening to bad Mexican rap through a 25 watt fender amp
Because 1/4 guitar cables are unbalanced. Move your amp to the other side of the room or something.
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Use a shielded cable, the best you can afford, it will get rid of it.
You can also try an opticoupler.
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