Ok, so this won't really go anywhere for most readers, because I just started with an image I saw, then wrote my thoughts to sort of work within that image. So if you can make any sense out of it, cheers. Feedback would be nice, I sort of like this.

Crit for crit.

Flies and termites tanning on my tv screen at night. Eating through the images, the static's just a socratic hive. Breed, brood, burning desires to learn the pathways through programming which you walk down to think. Minds, moods, making channel dances synchronized with the draining sink.
Making channel dances synchronized with the draining sink.

Spiraling, a whirlpool of dead wings in the fountain of fruit water, too greedy for their own good, know they shouldn't, still would. Firing, the sound off, to a race between two cement giants. Statues with dreams, eternal concrete reach. Sedentary and envious; sediment in the sea (people walking by, never noticing)

The flies still find me in my submarine. I just keep sinking deeper in hopes of escaping. Sit in the dark, in hiding, I keep a lookout through the radar screen. There's a second's static, and at that moment, I realize they've found me. (The static's just a socratic hive. Burn,Brood,Breed.)
I like it. A lot of bold imagery that complements your tone/view on the subjecy very well. unlike a lot of the lyrics ive seen you dont get lost in a convuluted mess while trying to artistically express a point/feeling. Keep it coming...and just out of curiosity how would you categorize your writing???
Categorize it? I have no idea...
Sometimes I have a beat in my head that's like...talk rap, then I'll have acoustic thoughts, techno weirdness...I dunno.