To make a long story short, I'm one of the many guitarists who can't sing for shit. I was wondering if anyone would be up for recording some vocals for a few songs I recorded. I can't pay you, but hey, music's all for the fun, right? =D

Anyways, here are the songs that I need vocals for:

Kieu (a "pop-rock" song about falling for a foreign exchanged girl)
Absence of Atman (not sure what genre, but it's been likened to Tool, rather cynical lyrics)
Nanking (a somber song inspired by a gruesome massacre during WWII)
Glad (a "feel-good" song based on the theme of relief and just being happy)
Follow or Fall (a punkish song about nonconformity [not as generic as it sounds =) ] )
Adieu (an acoustic song about leaving loved ones while maintaining a strong heart)

If you're interested in hearing them to decide whether or not you'd want to record vocals for them pm me or iM me on aim at victim de ennui.

I look forward to working with you

btw, if this thread is in the wrong location, let me know and I'll relocate it

EDIT: Shit, I mispelled the title
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i'm interested. haven't had anything original of mine lately to work on and i need to stretch the vocal chords. have a listen to my stuff and see if the voice matches. also check out some of the other "older" tracks, there is some rock pop stuff on there too.

what format are the tracks in, are we talking mp3's? i'm keen to check them out.
^ Hey, I listened to your stuff, and I gotta say - it sounds great

Your voice would fit perfectly, no problem there.

And yeah, the songs are in mp3, so do you have some email address I could send one or two to? If you want you can pm it to me and I'll try to get back to you with the songs that I think would most be in your style.