I am looking into getting the Ibanez SZ720FM, from everything I have seen it is an amazing guitar, thoough I have never been able to see/hear one played. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on it...

Here's a pic of it....

Get it. I have the 520(same thing-looks) and its awsome.
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Appears to be very similar to a Schecter C-1+ I own the C-1+ and it is an awesome guitar. I got a good price of $400 for it on Ebay. They look a lot a like. Maybe one is cheaper and you could save some money or maybe one has a design you like better. Might be worth checking the Schecter C series out.
Its a great great and awesome guitar. Marty Friedman use those in a Boss GT-8 Demo and his sig guitar is very very similar to it. It has a very nice sustain, neck is a bit thicker than the RG neck so if you're not used to it then it'll be quite a problem. Hell if i got the money i'll buy that guitar fo sho'.
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