I played out a Dual rectifier this past weekend through an oversized Standard cab. *****WOW***** My question is this: It seems to me that the Dual rectifiers are in more demand and are the same if not close to a Triple's price (when USED) when there's 50 more watts. Why is this? I have a chance to buy a Triple for $1250. I play "Hard rock" once again (seether/godsmack/audioslave-type stuff) and have my heart set on a Dual. So come on.... what's the deal?
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The Triple is overkill because no one needs 150 watts.
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Quote by Hypnot1st
The Triple is overkill because no one needs 150 watts.

Did you ever think that maybe it colors your tone?

Triple rectifiers will sound darker/muddier/grittier at lower levels than Dual Rectifiers.

They're voiced ALITTLE bit differently, other than that the amps are identical.

Usually 150w is overkill... Especially with Mesa/Boogie, who state right in their manual that their amplifier's 'sweet spot' begins at the 10:00 mark on the master volume. Now, I can't even use my SINGLE (50w) rectifier at band practice because its too loud at the 10:00 mark and its too muddy at a lower volume.

So basically you'll have a harder time getting that 'rectifier' tone at low volumes with the triple.
There's no "deal"... all the Rectifiers feature the same sound, with the only considerable difference being their wattage.

And the difference in the prices that you note largely has to do with "demand"... IE, if there aren't many people willing to purchase a Triple, then the price is gonna go down until it is attractice enough for someone to buy. Fact of the matter is, most people don't find the extra money worth having the extra 50 watts because they dont need the extra 50 watts (thus the "comparable" prices you find.... to get someone to buy one they gotta make that money worth the extra bit). And you have to consider the matter, it's not like we're talking bottles of beer here, more is not necessarily better.... like genocide pointed out, more wattage will have affect on tone, how loud you can sanely get, etc.

And... Most people don't get a Triple because it is 150 watts of tube power. Most people with a tube amp like to go for that saturated tone, but you can only get that by pushing the amp. And the loudness of the Triple at that point is excrutiating. Thus people fall for the Dual, since it is 100 watts & will reach that point at a lower loudness. And then further people fall for the Single, since it is 50 watts & will reach it even lower, etc.

Point of the matter is... if you need 150 watts, go for the Triple. But if you don't need that much, go for the Dual. The Dual is 100 watts and is MORE than enough to handle any of your needs... hell, the Single is probably closest to your needs. And in all seriousness, with the Dual, you will never to rarely even go past 10:00 on the volume, even for your band practices & gigs!

That's enough rambling... good luck making sense of it!
ive played a dual for awhile i think i might be getting a triple though, there is alot of difference in tones between the rectifiers, the triple is alot more aggressive than a dual, and it has a 3rd rectifier which really isnt needed but does add a darkness to it, plus if you bring a half stack you can make ears bleed, but my dual has served me well and i play the same kind of music as you lots of crunch and clarity and mesa delievers the clean tones need some work i normally run chorus pedals with a mesa clean tone