can anyone tell me how to play flamenco? i searched in the net and all i got was a freaking Dance..

like chords are mostly used? any scales? type of strings? guitar?

For the guitar i think its a classical...

your help would mean alot...

Thanks in advance..
dont mean to sound so negative but ill tell you what i tell the other guys,

im afraid flamenco doesn't work that way. it is an art to be mastered seeing how flamenco is probably the most skilled thing to learn on the guitar. working on it alone with just advice and tablatures wont do the trick. i found that out the hard way after wasting money on non refundable books and crap until i started taking flamenco lessons, that pretty much did the trick. i can maybe play about 10 minutes of flamenco now. if you are serious about it taking lessons would really help you out.

pretty much the biggest difference with a flamenco guitar and classical is the type of wood. the type of strings they use are nylon strings and it is ok to play flamenco with a classical guitar but it would be best to put a pick guard on it seeing how flamenco uses a lot of taping on the guitar, without the pick guard you would make some serious damage on it.
oh, i see..

oh well, More practice for me...

Thanks for the heads up.

I think ill be sticking to jazz and Blues till i get better...
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..to give you some help in the meantime..practise rest stroke, use your thumb for the majority of slower notes (need a good thumb nail). Practise strumming chords with the index finger (rest the thumb on string 6 while doing this).

Practise the rascuedo (flicking the r/h fingers one at a time at speed). Also practise finishing the rascuedo with a flick on the guitar body (pickguard advisable).

Flamenco often uses a capo on fret 2 so be aware. In answer to your question minor chords are predominant..but you would be better to learn some pieces initlally. Finally check out Paco de Lucia on Youtube.com and watch his technique.
I've said this time and time again. Flamenco is NOT a particular 'sound' or 'style'. It's a WHOLE culture in itself.

It isn't technically hard to play authentic flamenco, just look at some streetside performers in Spain. All you need is a cheap guitar, a few open chord and some strumming. The catch is that flamenco is rhythmically 'technical'.

If you can't fit in with the compas (flamenco rhythm), all your rasgueado and picado won't help you play flamenco. It's what I call a flamenco wannabe.

Here's an example:

Pepe Romero (an excellent classical guitarist) tries to play a flamenco form called the bulerias

He has the technique but he isn't in rhythm and has horrible 'flamenco tone' anyway. Not in compas? Then this isn't flamenco, it's just a rip-off.

Here's Paco de Lucia, a flamenco guitar legend. Now this guy knows his stuff. If you're sharp, you can feel the driving and flowing rhythm in this video, which isn't in Romero's playing.

Now that's the WHOLE WORLD of difference between flamenco and fake-menco, which many people happen to indulge in.