I recently got a guitar with a floyd rose whammy bar and im getting the hang of it but im still kind of new with it. Can someone send me a really good lesson on whammy bar tricks?
Also i was watching this video:
and i wanted to know what sam does with the whammy bar after his first solo to get that sound when he does those 2 dives
Try this:

Pluck the G string with you left hand and dive the bar low but not too low, and when you are bringing the bar back, catch a natural harmonic on the 2-7 fret. Dimebag did it all the time and it sounds sweet.
^sry its not a dime sig squeel...

that gives off a rising effect
this is about the opposite

mascot had it right
you play a pinch and then dive

but i suppose the dime technique might work
if you could move your hand fast enough
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