I am looking for a new guitar. It will be downtuned most of the time. I need a whammy bar. And I will be playing a lot of system of a down with my friends. It will be eventually run through a dual rectifier.
Ok, first let me ask some questions. Would you like a standard tremolo or a locking bridge and nut? Second: Are you absolutely sure you'll need a whammy bar?
First, what kinda $ u got?
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well im not really that knowledgable about standard tremelos or locking bridge and nuts. and yes im sure i need one. I will eventually buy a whammy peday, but I will use it for my seven string and playing korn and stuff. But i do want a whammy bar because i want that original sound when Im playing my new 6 string. And im not worring about money yet. I want to first see my options.
Well you could look at a high-end Ibanez with a decent bridge. Im not a real Ibanez fan so maybe you should ask someone else for help, but I do know that alot of people here like Ibanez for downtuned stuff.
Soad doesn't use whammy bar at all.....

Yea, what kinda cash you got

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will you be changing tunings alot? what amp do you have? how much is your budget? are you going to change pickups?
I know soad doesnt use a whammy bar, but other styles of music do. I will be eventually getting a dual rectifier. And i wont be changing tunings THAT often, but every once in awhile. And I could change the oickups eventually too.
Ok locking bridges won't help you AT ALL if you are going to change the tuning often.

You will have to adjust the springs in the back every time you change the tuning which is a timely process often involving trial and error until you get used to it.

The strandard tremolo wont much either. If you change the tuning you will have to retune every string over and over until the bridge sets itself. (Basically going to drop E causes all the other strings to go out of tune then when you tune the other strings the d will go out of tune then you have to retune the D and vice versa but it goes less so out of tune every time)
jacksons are good...still need the price range.
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Also if you drop the tuning too much with a standard tremolo you might have to add some springs.

Believe me tremolos will be a pain in the ass period if you change the tuning a lot. My advice? Get a hardtail.

Often you can just do power bends to replace the tremolo action and it works unless you are trying to do some dive bome s*** or want to bend harmonics.

Either change your style or get a hardtail. Tremolo is going to be a pain in the ass for you.
I can deal with keeping it in one tuning. That will be fine. I just need a good guitar for metal (soad sound) with a whammy bar that wont fail on me.
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I can deal with keeping it in one tuning. That will be fine. I just need a good guitar for metal (soad sound) with a whammy bar that wont fail on me.

Then you should get a locking trem. If you are sure you want to keep it in one tune lockings have a lot of benefits.

It takes them months to go out of tune and you can do insane bends and stuff.
Well we still haven't heard a price range, so here's what I'm going to do. Go to a local luthier (or look one up) and have him build you a guitar with what you want!! If your not oging to tell us how much you want to spend, you have limitless money, and this is always the best option.
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I said im not looking at prices yet. Just options. I will be getting some good money this summer. Also, I do want a great tone, but I would rather get a guitar that looks wicked awesome, and just change the pickups to some nicer ones. Something like a dimebag guitar. Not exactly his but more to that style.
theres no point in us trying to give you guitars to look at with no price range...

i can say get a JEM or get an RG170DX

thats only what... 1,500 dollar diff?

so sure.
because you make yourself seem like you have deep pockets i say go for JEM.

then when you say you dont want to spend thousands on a guitar come back and give us a price range, hokay.

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ok here it comes (to people thinking the world is way too hard to live in. aka: emos)............................if you get a double-locking trem..........get the.........


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Just an influence.
But it wouldn't make it anymore stable when it's in full floating or whatever that mode is, only would help some in dive only and hardtail mode.
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