You said I distanced myself, but you were the one who pushed me away
I tried to dig out of this hole, but was in too deep, so there I stayed
I feel like we?re the same polarity, magnets always repelling
All I ever did was be good for you, and you think I?m rebelling

When we thought the memories were good, the nostalgia has passed
And then I only block out the bad, but this fight won?t be the last
I can always forget the bleeding, I?ll always remember the tears
Because bruises and cuts heal, but emotional pain can take years

Scared of what?s to come, little things etched in the back of my mind
Even though we never notice the smallest changes over time
Changing our way of thinking, brainwashing the innocence we once possessed
Giving way to my ignorance, the fall of what I once confessed

Now curled in my confined space, trembling and shaking
Held hostage by my own nightmares waiting for you to wake me
Don?t let me be alone anymore, I just want to communicate
Please bring the sacred bond we once had, it?s not too late

All you have to do is be there, there?s no need for redemption
I ask for nothing else, there?s no price for forgiveness
I understand perfection is nothing which can be obtained
I can?t regret what has made me the man that I am today
pretty tight man, sounds awsome to me. flows pretty well. like the word choice.
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I understand perfection is nothing which can be obtained
I can?t regret what has made me the man that I am today

These 2 lines stood out more to me then anything else, it's an awesome piece and the last 2 lines end the song so well. 10/10 from me dude.

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Holy ****! It's ppl like you that make me want to quit writing and smoke weed until I can no longer think, jk. But really, this is great. I think I've read another one of your pieces and it was just as good. I guess you're no one hit wonder. I would really like to hear this being played. I can only imagine what this sounds like. Great job.
Man...im stuned.
Great, thats all I can say. Would like to see more of this.

Keep going, man!
Partyboy2k05, i like you. Youre brilliant, like a sandwich with JUST enough cheese, lettuce and mayonaise in.Brilliant.

ANYWAYS. I loved this. Im stunned by it actually, the first verse was amazing and it made me open my mouth like this =O i cant even crit it properly because i dont see anything wrong with it!

well done 10/10 from franz
A return crit would be appreciated = link be in my sig
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Wow, I didn't think it'd get this good of a response. Actually the only part that was planned out was the first two lines, after they'd been running through my head for a week and I kept putting off writing it down. Then last night I wrote those two, and the rest just kind of came out. Thanks for the crits everyone.