Hey i've got an Epiphone LP 100 and i can continually hear a buzzing when i hit the b string and sometimes the high e string, even when the action is ridiculously high. It is (i think) not fret buzz as when i play the 22nd fret (highest fret), i can still hear this buzz.
I definately am holding down the string hard enough, so would the problem be with the strings or something loose in the guitar etc? Please help!

I also would like people's opinions on the Squire Tele Custom, with twin humbuckers. Is it a good guitar for playing indie or rock, such as bloc party, we are scientists, green day etc?
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LP: could be your amp? if its tube that may be a sign of tube replacement. also check your bridge for badly cut string slots, or maybe even check your pups with another guitar. It is a process of elimination as there are many things that cud cause it. maybe even your nut is badly cut, or a tuner is loose?

Tele: i think most people will try to put you off squire, but if its what you can afford on your budget then try one out and ye it may turn out ok. might be better to save up and get a MIM or MIJ tele tho, you wont regret the extra cash!!!
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Yer thanx for the suggestions, my amp is not a tube amp and i think the problem is badly cut string slots at the bridge. How would i go about fixing this?

Also, isnt the Squire Custom a bit dodgy when it comes to reliability?
Maybe you need to adjust the truss rod. Fret the E string at the first and last fret; and mesure the distance between the string and the 9th fretwire. And tell us.
kk will do. Unfortunately this is not possible until next Wednesday (dont ask longg story). I dont know much about the truss rod, but if it has to be adjusted I might as well let a proffessional do it. How much would it cost (roughly)?
^ 25 to 30 bucks? whoa thats alot

i got a local music stores that does truss rod adjustments for around 7 dollars...(canadian)