would a warmoth strat or tele be as good as fender, and the lp's as good as gibsons?.
and what does the bolt on neck on the lp's do to the sound?
They might even be better, because you are getting a guitar 100% to your specs.
Does Warmoth actually assemble the guitar, or do you have to do everything once you get the parts?
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What do you mean; 'everything'? All you have to is put it together; which any idiot can do.
^ It's not a futon! There is a good chance that someone without previous guitar-building experience will make mistakes in putting it together and possibly ruin some expensive guitar parts. Not because they're an idiot, but because professional quality guitar assembly is not exactly intuitive. Just like anything else, it requires practice.

When you're paying over $400 for a finished Warmoth body alone, you don't want to be making mistakes.

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Warmoth dont put them together. I fyou arn;t comfortably assemblying it yourself get a pro luthier to do it.
First off, buying all the parts for a complete guitar from Warmoth will most likely
cost you more than an American Strat. It's not cheap. And the prices can easily
get up into the LP range. Plus, you'll have to put it together (or pay to have it done)

Unless you know exactly what you want, I think you'll be much better off with
a brand. I built a Warmoth Strat and I really prefer playing my Fender Strat.

Also, the Warmoth will be fairly worthless if you want to sell or trade it in.