hye everybody. i'm new here.. this is my first post. i would like to know how does my t une sounds like.. its a rough sketch, the current track havent been fill with a drum track yet..

here the link.


tell me what u think of it.. and please share any tips ok?
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Won't load.

EDIT: I downloaded it too and it wont play.
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checked the stream file, work perfectly.. anyway.. the download link is on..
thanx for the reply...
Really good, your phrasing kicks ass. Although I didnt find it annoying that the lead guitar was panned only to the right, that can sound cool every now and then, but for a whole song it just feel really wierd.
thanx dude.. i noticed that.. it was a problem when recording.. anyway.. i'm planning to do the whole song again.. with proper sound and method..
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Won't load.

EDIT: I downloaded it too and it wont play.

owh.. maybe it was a problem with the format.. it was extracted right from the mixdown.. better to upload an mp3 format i guess..
yeah, panning feels weird... centre clean and right lead with only a slight bleed into the left. weird

Your tone is really nice actually. Quality is a bit bad, but the actual sound of the guitar is nice - it's like water trapped beneath the ice and wants to break out of it, or something.

Reminds me of Van Halen in a lot of places; not for fast solos but a lot of standard VH lead sounds like this.

"Spasm". haha, I wonder how it got such a title? I like it, looking forward to the finished version/song.
yeah.. the panning.. Van Halen? wow.. such a compliment.. i'll finish it within this 2-3 days.. got some arrangement to do.. plus i need some drum track..
hey man thanks for checkin out my stuff...listening to this song, i think there is a lot of potential in it, the lead is very complimentary of the main rythm riff, but it all seems a bit too far to the right volume wise....a few bends out of pitch but nothing too terribly noticeable, definitely a good foundation, kinda reminds me of a sad love song style patter you got there......very nice though, melodic and flows well, great job!
Sounds great. It was really relaxed, and everything flowed together. Nothing too awkward.
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the lead guitar is sechs!!! :P

crit: needs better mixing, needs drum and bass = ownage!!
could do with a little variation at some point in the song.

great song overall!
mix the lead louder, for thebeginning, but it sounded good. Solid playing, excellent tone. Rhythm was very 80-ized, reverbed, chorused, whatever, i liked it though.

Your phrasing went out in some places, but it was pretty good mostly.

EW terrible bend, im sorry, that made me die.
After that it was good again, phrasing meanders a little but it works its way around again.

Reminds me a lot of satch actually. Knux on that.

Maybe add a bit of shredding in places, for effect, but it was very nice, good work my friend.

crit for crit?