use methods in books and nver start with chords they're too hard.

there is another thread for this btw
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Teach chords based only on the treble strings eg A would be 022xxx. Simple melodys like happy birthday and maybe an r'nb style boogie:-
good call on the small chords, those were my first ones and were very satisfying. be sure to teach him good technique, and give him songs that excercise all of his fingers and get him used to stretching. wipe out is great, improves dexterity and doesnt need the pinky (asking a beginner to use his pinky right off is asking too much). then teach him the secret agent man lick, they love that. there's no better way to get em interested than teaching them songs they know. along with the secret agent man lick, video game themes like mario or zelda are fun. the great thing about these themes is that the student realizes, hey, i can play the music i hear on tv or the radio or whatever, and they'll look for music to learn. by the time they can play a few single note melodies (and if they like them they'll practice hard) they'll be ready for chords. and i cannot emphasize this enough: have them bring in songs they want to learn, and teach them those, only then will they be motivated to play.
I go with string names first. Then with 1 or 2 finger open power chords E/A/D/G. B is a little tough to teach right away, so I hold that until teaching full power chords.
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Difficult subject having kids bring their songs they want. I tend to let them play what they want after a few months otherwise they struggle. I used to ask what they wanted to do..look it up on guitar pro..start it off, then find the rest of the song is too hard (which really demotivates them).

Ask them what bands/artists they like, then look up songs on UG before the lesson..amend them to make easier/add fingerings etc as well.

Guitar Pro is a godsend for teaching by the way..
from what ive seen of the questions you have been asking here, i dont really think you should be teaching yet. you just dont sound like you have the experience to teach someone more than just the very very basics. if you really feel you can teach him, look in this other thread here.