This is a weird pedal...I use it with a Fender Fat Strat (MIJ) and it sounds...well....not that good. I use it with a Ibanez RG320 and it sounds superb!!! But while its on clean, the fender strats clean is still better. Weird huh??
Im not quite sure what youre trying to say. IMO its one of the best standard Distortion pedals available for, well, any guitar/amp. And for about 40 bucks you cant go wrong...
yeah...its sound OK but its nothing to be proud off. Unlike my RG...The RG definitely sounds better.
Well the RG's made for distortion etc, the Strat's pickups are lower output, and sound better clean.
But... try turning some knobs etc, and try and make it sound good with the Strat.
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