I want to go for thicker gauge strings? I broke the low E string on the Ernie Ball slinkies, so how should I arrange them?

I downtune 100% of the time

here are the strings i have

2x .011

How can I arrange them for a generally thicker gauge but not insane order?
get .10 or .11 ernie ball strings
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Get a pack of Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottems, they have a larger thicker gauge for your e, a, and d so you can down tune, and your g, b, and e are slightly thinner ( i think it starts at 10) so you can move those strings easier for solos and stuff. They''' defiantely get the job done, and they only like 5$ a pack.
What about not buying new packs of strings?

azn_guitarist - isn't that the order that my elixir's are in?