i have a performance coming up in my music class and i need something really strange but cool to play on the electric guitar with or without accompanyment, does anyone have any suggestions?
well try looking at the postal service there wierd it sounds like slot machine music lol
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Sunn 0))), Tool, HORSE The Band, The Mars Volta....
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Weird Al Yankovich maybe?
what happened to the proposed Kirk Hammett flamenco album?

His acoustic didn't sound good with wah pedal, I suppose.
Gogol Bordello "Start wearing purple" That is a weird song
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Edgar Varèse, Cecil Taylor, John Cage, Daevid Allen.
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I would have to go with The Mars Volta. I think Primus would be too bass oriented, unless there are songs I haven't heard that aren't so (and there probably are, actually). Two wierd incubus songs are Priceless and Zee Deevel, off of A Crow Left of the Murder if you want to check those out. You've also got Give it Away by the Chili Peppers, and Hyper Music by Muse.
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that arrangement of the Mario theme for guitar

heck yes! That would be perfect! Don't love the game but that is one catchy tune!
the sounds of animals fighting's new cd is EXTREMLY weird
I Return to Serenity

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If you are looking for weird go with Primus
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Wierd cool...or wierd shitty, but so much that its awesome?

Either way, try Primus, Gwar, Oysterhead, Colonel Les Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, any Claypool project actually..., Dillinger Escape Plan,
Phish-cool jam band with some wierd stuff- maybe land lady would be a cool song for no ------------------ accompaniment
Yes-cool old school rock band- maybe the intro to roundabout
Reture to forever- wierd electric jazz fusion- chick corea was in this band- maybe try his vibes stuff on guitar- its pretty fun