im 15 years old, and i started playin 7 years ago. in all of those years i didnt have much money, in fact i still have my old ibanez gsa70 and recently bought this fantastic amp called "frontman 25r". with this amp i only use the distortion and the reverb which are from the amp. as i started playing seriously, and i mostly play metal, i bought the death metal from digitech, which is really cool. but as i do lots of solos, id like to buy a wha wha, but i dunno which 1 2 get. many ppl told me that the wd7 is a perfect whawha for those who want amazing solos. Infact went yesterday 2 a guitar shop and tried it. ive never seen a whawha can make this many tones, just turn knobs round and ull find the tone. Now ive a problem, the whawha is expensive.. so id like 2 ask ppl if this pedal is really gd for metal solos and if u no if there r cheaper ones. thanx for de help!!!!!!
(Note that the pedal costs 130 ?)
hope 2 receive answers, and c u soon!!!!!!!
hey, i bought a behringer HB01 wah for only $70 Australian, its not the best on the planet but it does the job, and for the price i reckon its much better than most wahs out there. It sounds good clean but also works well with distortion, however as behringer isnt a huge brand i don't know if theyll sell them where you are.
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dont buy a cry baby standard.....but look around for the cry baby dimebag version.
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I got a second hand battered old wah for £30 which is Optic controlled absolute beaute! The Wd7 sounds quite nice, I've tried one, but yes its expensive!! You'd be much better off going for a second hand wah, just for cutting down cost wise you know...
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ok thanx for everybody, ill try 2 find the dimebag 1 but how much does it cost????

cant you find out on the internet?

i think its more pricey than the weeping demon.
The WD7 Weeping Demon can really give you a nice wah sound. My guitarist has one and for the money paid, it is a great wah pedal. Definately worth the money. Lots of features on the pedal too to get a sound that you want.
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