right, heres the challenge:

Target product:

You have to find a half stack (can be package or 2 separate items but have to arrive in the designated price range). prefered all tube, but solid state or hybrid are also acceptable. I play live atleast 3 times a month in big venues so please use your knowledge as to what wattage.

Price range:

Maximum of £300, and that is the roof.

Additional info:

please dont say "no hope mate" and although i said half stack only i would look at combos if i had to (i just pride myself on stage presence and stacks look more impressive). I AM willing to go second hand, as far as im aware, its still going to be fine second hand.

So go and hunt my friends, hunt down those bargains!
You aren't going to find much in terms of stacks for that much money. I would just go with a tube combo if you can. What kind of music do you wish to play?
everything really, apart from metal and all of that stuff. i focus mainly on indie, funk rock and classic rock.

what about 2nd hand stuff?
Look around for used valve combos really. Maybe Marshalls if you can get them cheaper over there (No MG's or AVT's though.) Traynor YCV**** or whatever they called are very like around here. Definetly check used though.