What would be your Perfect guitar?







mine would be the Gibson SG supreme in emarald birst colour

wot do you think??
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Wicked! y u go??
My Setup:
Vintage VRS100 (Blue)
Ibanez GRG170DX (BLack)
Epiphone Explorer (Black)
Epiphone Static X Signature Flying V
PRS Satana 2 SE (Blue)
Marshall MG30DFX
Laney 90W FX2 tube amp
Boss Overdrive/Distortion Pedal
Boss Metal Zone Pedal
I moved when I was about 7 into Leicester itself. Strangely enough Im gonna be up for Melton day.
kwl i might nt go it costs £4 cheeky sods bt i hav my ticket frm last year so i might get in 4 free lol
i dont understand why u even have Yamaha on the list...but w/e i guess...i'd probably like either a Ibanez JEM7V or probably it's triple necked version :-)...really tho... this is such an opinionated thread lol...
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Gibson Les Paul Supreme in Ebony with EMG's

*gets and electric shock from drooling*
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gibson les paul custom with p'90s in it, pretty close to having it in epi form now lol
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Couldnt Say, i will migth never hold such a expensive Guitar in my Hands.
But i guess, it would be Ibanez, the new Mick Thompson Signature Model in Black, with a red sprayed Star on it. Would surely Sound & look awesome.
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Probably some kind of superstrat/frankenstrat

  • Ash body with a maple neck (ebony or rosewood fretboard)
  • HSS or HSH setup with coil tap. But not all out heavy metal pickups, something standard "rock" in the bridge and something jazzier in the neck.
  • And not too pointy like an RG. Probably a regular Strat headstock too.
  • Floyd Rose on there (probably one of the Ibanez ones)
  • Natural finish (oiled ash?) with a black pickgaurd (and matching black headstock)
  • gold hardware

Something like this:
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PRS Custom 24

You got that right! *drools*
custom built ibanez.

super strat shape, close to the S and SZ series shapes
three peice wizard II neck
ZR trem (and another string through)
i dunno what finish, but a sexy one i know that.
BKP pickups.
neck through body
thick mohogany body.
maple neck maybe?
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Sexy guitars right there^
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An Ibanez RG [1570 ] w/alder body and black flamed maple top, Super Wizard neck [w/ the stripe], BK ceramic Warpig/Trilogy/Warpig pup configuration, Edge Tremolo system and gold hardware.
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ESP M-II - Neck Thru Construction!
ESP Eclipse!

Sexy guitars right there^

you said it though im digging the horizon ntII fm and even the esp sv standard
seljer, you just designed exactly what I myself would want in a guitar, other than the finish
My dream guitar is a Lado Earth 2003 (like the one I currently own) except with a fixed bridge (vs Floyd Rose) and mahogany body wings (vs maple).

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a custom american telecaster.. purple body and a white pickguard. with hot rails?! ZOMG
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Gibson Firebird VII Custom in White. I love those thigns. Preferably though, I'd have one (Firebird) custom built with full sized humbuckers instead of the minis. And maybe a floating trem instead of the vibrato
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An Ibanez Jem Steve Vai Edition and with those cool glowing fret things he has when he plays in concert.
whammy bars are cool
Ibanez RG, white with black binding, himbucker in the bridge and hotrail in the neck, Floyd rose bridge, rosewood fretboard. just like the one below. 'cept with no inlays.

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a dean ML shape, but with pointy edges
ebony fretboard
mahogany body/neck
wizard neck design
sharktooth inlays
jackson/esp reverse headstock
EMG 81/60
Floyd Rose Original.

hells yeah
Stevie Ray Vaughns original SRV custom strat
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I dunno man, it would probably have to be a black les paul classic. I'd also like a red jackson king v and a black explorer as well. I'd half to just flip a coin.
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